Nano Tele Caller

  • Tele calling is made effective with an ease in the process.
  • Possible to send & receive SMS.
  • The phone numbers can be imported from excel document.
  • Every step in phone number import is properly handled to avoid data conflict / mismatch.
  • Grouping of callers prevents the repeated selection of individuals among regular group of members.
  • Automatic calling :
  • Enhances the user in making multiple calls as there is no requirement of initiating every call.
  • Automatic redialing of busy / failed calls is possible.
  • Calls can even be scheduled prior to the fixed time.
  • Supports recorded voice calls.
  • Unlimited audio files can be imported.
  • Mp3 format files can also be uploaded as voice input.
  • Every call will be recorded as history comprising the details of all the calls including failed calls thus facilitating the user in further processing of failed calls and improperly handled calls.
  • The call logs can be exported as per requirement.
  • Remarks can also be logged for every call.
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0
  • Microsoft dot net Framework 4.0
  • Single port GSM Modem and Headphone
  • The software sold to a particular user is supported / valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • The software is applicable for single system usage only.


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